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The Writing House

write the book | reach the world

Helping busy creatives and entrepreneurs write their nonfiction book

Writing a book can be a daunting task that we often delay, even when we want to share our ideas and create new opportunities.

Let me help you with that. I'll provide a clear framework and show you how to squeeze writing into an already busy schedule.

Convey your knowledge and express your ideas

I’ve written and published nine books, including ghostwriting two Sunday Times bestsellers.

The key to writing is finding out what works for you, and we’ll do this through 1:1 coaching and mentoring. I can help with the publishing side too. 

Writing advice tailored to your work style


1:1 Coaching and mentoring

Help with writer's block


book coach

Hi, I'm Amy.  

I help people write nonfiction books, without taking time away from their other commitments. Together we will come up with a structured plan to fit writing into a busy life, whether you have expert knowledge to share, want to write about your business, tell your life story through an autobiography, or have an adventurous travel experience to share.

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Free planner or Trello board template to help organise your book.


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Free guide to the best tech to help with writing your book.


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